Here’s the deal


Have you ever played that game “Mystery Date?” If you’re not old enough to remember, this was a game geared towards tweens in the late 1960’s in which girls tried to win a date with the right guy. There was a bowling date, an ice skating date, a beach date, a prom date, and a dud. The door on the board opened and a picture of a guy would appear. When I played this game a long time ago, my favorite guy was the dud. He was a little different, scruffy and I thought he was hot.

What this tells us is that from early on, I picked the losers out of the line-up. It’s not that they aren’t great guys, but they’re not great for me.

I have chosen to date a continuing stream of duds — alcoholics, drug addicts, a bank robber, an axe murder, one married man, a foot fetishist, economically challenged and/or unemployed men, and several who have been emotionally unavailable. I can’t wait to tell you some of these stories.

I’m at a place where I understand my strengths and weaknesses. In short, I’m a great woman who has made some bad choices and it is clear that I need help with my choices. That’s why I’ve created the Dating Brain Trust.

Photo credit: Yahoo Images


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