The Dating Brain Trust begins to form


A few days ago I sent out invitations to the future members of the Dating Brain Trust and, I am happy to report, there has been a great response!  People seem very eager to help in this project which is at once thrilling (great to know so many people care about my welfare and want to help) and slightly pathetic (they agree that I need the help).

At any rate, I am grateful and very excited to get this project started to see how they do.

Their first task is to define the parameters of the Dating by Committee project.  There are three “rules” so far:

  1. The Brain Trust should be anonymous.  Their identities should secret so that followers of the blog are kept free from bias (as in: “Well, of course your mother would tell you that!”, or “Your ex-boyfriend is just jealous.”)
  2. The dates will be labeled D1, D2, D3, etc. (Assuming I go on multiple dates- you see I really am an optimist) to protect their identities.
  3. The Brain Trust will overrule public opinion.  Sorry, followers, but these people know me and that is part of this experiment.
Obviously, other parameters need to be set.
I invite you and the members of the DBT to start putting forth suggestions regarding how this concept should work.
Ice Breaker Question:
Should this project be marked by a timeframe or a certain number of dates?  In other words, should this project go for a certain length of time like 3 months, 6 months, a year? or should it be for 12 dates, 30 dates, 50 dates, etc.?
Looking forward to your comments.
In the meantime I will continue to wax poetic on things like my personal dating issues, guys I have dated in the past (don’t worry guys, no names will be included) and what I am looking for in a mate.

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  1. Agreed- a time frame would be better, I think. I am looking at this as a “process-oriented” journey, vs. a “goal-oriented” one. I’m not necessarily expecting that you’ll find Mr. Perfect on this journey (like the Yeti, he doesn’t exist), but if you can reset your heart’s compass to align more with your brain’s, that will be success in my book. With that, I’ll have contributed in some small way to your happiness, which is what we all want to do ’cause you’re The Tops.

    • I also like the idea of a 12 month time frame. You’ll have the advantage of lots of wisdom, and you won’t be likely to accept the unacceptable!

  2. I like the idea of a year too (hoping of course you only need a month or two to find Mr. Oh My God Where Have You Been Hiding All My Life.) It’s poetic. And it’ll be interesting to see how your dates progress across the seasons.

  3. I think 12 months is good. I also think you should try some options outside of online dating – like speed dating, matchmakers, etc. Fun stuff that will not only expose you to different guys, but also different ways of meeting people.

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