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I attended a school reunion last weekend and it was fun to see so many of my old pals.  Being one of the few single women there, one of my former classmates thought it would be fun to “set me up” with a single male.  Why do coupled people always assume that single people want to be set up?  Perhaps a question for another blog…

Anyway, the well meaning matchmaker decided that I should go for a bachelor doctor.  OK committee let’s give you a pre-test.

The stats for Bachelor #1:

Occupation: doctor (specialized medical)

Age: 47 -49 (most likely 48)

Relationship status: Single, never married.  Dated a woman for about ten years but never made it to marriage, she dumped him according to sources

Children: none that I know of

Physical: Tall, thin, in good shape

Geography: 60 miles away, in my home town

Pastimes: golf (all that I know of)

Things I like about him: I know him pretty well and have a good idea what I am getting into.  He seems open to seeing me socially – he suggested we meet in my town sometime.

Things that could improve: He got quite drunk at the party and ended up flirting with another single classmate after asking me twice if we could get together the next day after his golf game near my house.

Other things to know:  Owns more than one residence.  I did not date him in high school or really have much interaction with him at all- ever despite any claims or rumors otherwise.

What do you think Brain Trust?

In the meantime, I had a wonderful phone conversation with a handsome man I knew as a friend (he was dating a girl friend at the time) about 15 years ago.  He married that friend and I lost touch with them.  They are now divorced and after being Facebook friends for about two years we are planning to have lunch very soon.  Will update.

Perhaps it would be helpful to give you guys an idea of what I am looking for? – or better yet, you guys could tell me what you think I need in a potential mate.

Comment away…


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  1. I found three warning signs that turn me off the doctor: 1) the 10 year relationship with no commitment, 2) getting drunk at the reunion, and 3) flirting with another woman while drunk. To me, he’s a NO.

  2. I’m with Mrs. B on this one. Getting dead drunk at the reunion is a BIG red flag. Who cares who he was flirting with after that? Banish him.

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