match date #1


The first man I chose to actually meet from my foray into online dating was a 60 year old doctor, divorced, with grown children who said he liked to travel and was looking for true companionship. I picked him because of his photo, a very nice shot of him in a chic European leather jacket taken in the Swiss Alps.  He sounded very gentleman like on the phone so we made a lunch date.

In real life he was soft-spoken and polite- both good signs but as the conversation went on I realized that he had some very old world, old fashioned ideas about women and their roles in life. The other thing is that he was an OLD 60.  I have a sister in her 60’s who is really cool, active and fun.  She is far from old.  But this guy was old in attitude and oh, looks in that he was dressed very conservatively (but not preppy). What it boiled down to was he was really looking for someone younger, attractive, who would cook and clean and make sure his shirts were done.  He actually rarely travels and well, if you know anything about me then you know the old world, old school concept just isn’t going to work.

He did hold my hand at one point during lunch – which was odd- but his hands were very soft.  Quite different than my ex-husband’s rough, callused carpenter hands.

He was so sweet though when he said he would really like to see me again.  I thought about it and called him to say that would be a bad idea and he was very understanding.


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