Bachelor #2


I’m taking a break from the dating debacle stories to share information about bachelor #2:

The stats for Bachelor #2:

Occupation: marketing and public relations consulting

Age:  48  ( a few months younger, actually)

Relationship status: twice divorced

Children: 3 kids from his second marriage- the youngest close to my daughter’s age.

Physical: Tall, good looking

Geography: 40 miles away,

Pastimes: golf, enjoys cinema and live theatre

Things I like about him:  He is nice, clever, has a good sense of humor, was great with my son who was about 4 at the time and has a way with words (as you might imagine with his kind of work).

Things that could improve: Haven’t met with him in person for 17 years and don’t know if there is any “chemistry”.

Other things to know:  I met him about 17 years ago when he was between wives and dating a friend. His ex-wife and I were friends but have not spoken since shortly before their wedding and I had briefly dated her brother before that.  Attended rival college. We have been Facebook friends for about two years.

What do you think, Braintrust?  He is asking for a lunch date in the near future….

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  1. If you haven’t seen him in 17 years and don’t know if there’s any chemistry, the only way to find out is have lunch with him. I think it’s promising that he’s a father and is good with children.

  2. Lunch is good! The light of day keeps love monsters away. Stay away from alcohol, and the beer goggles that ensue. Watch out for too many compliments, nostalgic talk. But as I type, I wonder: what will you be looking for, hoping for, fearing? What are your psychological buttons, so you can be mindful of when he’s pushing them?

    • Dear Dora,

      I have been working through what I want in a relationship via Kasl’s, If the Buddha Dated. I will post something soon.
      Thanks for asking.

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