B#2 pending coffee date


I have a pending coffee date with Bachelor #2 (B2) on Friday afternoon.

The last time I saw this man was fifteen or so years ago.

Any suggestions on what to wear?


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  1. NO raincoats!! Well, you know what I mean- wear stuff underneath the coat.

    OK, here’s my two cents. You’re a sexy lady, and I’m guessing you tend to knock the guys’ socks off whenever you go out. That makes them go zooom! straight to the “sexy time” mindset with you. Don’t get me wrong, that’s cool and the sexual energy is needed. But I suggest you start with a low flame, and slowly turn it up if things progress with the guy over time. Don’t show him everything that’s in the pastry case, cuz he’ll automatically go for the cupcake with the highest icing, when the keylime pie, little ol’ unassuming keylime pie, may be the best fucking piece of pie in the case. And he’ll never know it cuz his eyes were on the pastry mounds.

    So…play it close to the chest, and don’t show much of that chest while you’re at it. Simple, attractive, and I can’t believe I’m going to put this down…modest. If he sticks after the date, then he’s either more or just as interested in what comes out of your mouth than what comes out of your blouse.

    Holy shit! I’ve become my mother!!! I need to regain my feminist creds. OK, you can wear whatever you want, whatever is YOU- but just know that the style will have an effect on the message you send to him.

    I don’t think that last sentence repaired any damage I did to my bona fides. But it’s true. Sad, but true.

    • Dora,

      You are hilarious!!! I am so grateful you are part of my DBT. This is also good advise, even if it does sound like your mother (according to you).

  2. You always look fabulous Mary. Whatever you wear will be great. Just be comfortable and not TOO slutty. Just kidding you classy lady. The guy sounds interesting. How long has he been divorced? I am sure you will know if there is any chemistry within the first 5 minutes of meeting him!

  3. For some reason when I think of all of these dates I picture you in some summer frock with your hair all tossed about after just having fed your chickens (you don’t really have chickens on your farm do you? Horses I believe). Anyway, coffee date–great fitting jeans for sure. If things go well, I expect a date with horses on the farm and a bottle of wine or 2.

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