B#2: first date?


Hello Everyone!

So this afternoon was coffee with B2 and I must say I was delightfully surprised!  I had nice chats with two of my DBT just before meeting this man for the first time in 15 years and admittedly I was a bit mellow about the whole thing.  But as the hour of conversation went on I found myself pleasantly surprised.  I remembered this guys easy manner, how nice he is to talk to and truly enjoyed re-connecting with him.

It was a great way to begin this project because it was very low key, practically no pressure and at the very least I have re-discovered a friend.  I feel comfortable with this person and a pleasant energy.

Plus my confidence with the whole “dating” thing is boosted.  I really can just enjoy meeting people without expectations.  What a relief!


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  1. Friendship is the best foundation for any relationship. And it’s a good sign when reconnecting with a friend comes without effort. That’s evidence – though not proof – of compatibility.

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