date #3 part 1: Looking for Casablanca


So I’ve had two strikes so far with but I decide to stay in the game and hope for a hit.  Date number three is a real estate broker who likes old movies, performing arts and traveling.  He lives in Northern Virginia and has photos of his dog and a beautiful kitchen that he invites his future match to help cook great food and dance around the kitchen.

I love old movies.  In fact I worked in and managed a classic movie house in the early 1980’s where as a popcorn slinging concessionaire wore a flapper outfit.

This guy is well -off, single and we have some fun things in common.  I am hopeful.

We make a plan to meet for champagne at one of my favorite spots in the world, the bar on the roof at the Hotel Washington.  I only have an hour or so as I have plans with my friend, Danielle for the evening.  We email during the few days before we are supposed to meet and I call him from the car as I am leaving Richmond to head to DC and he says he is at the pool with his son and cannot make it.  Well , what is up with that?  Did he not know he would have his son that day when we made the initial plan?  I strike it up to a misunderstanding and go through with my other plans but put a bit on my guard.  We set a different time to meet the following weekend this time for dinner in Olde Towne.

He emails me how he can’t wait to see me and seems a little too into this but whatever, I promised myself three dates and we are already booked.  As things shake down the day we are supposed to meet, I need to leave my friend’s house a little earlier than planned,  I call Match#3 to let him know I can meet earlier, implying we can spend more time together and he gets upset. “I don’t know about you,” he says.  “You keep changing plans and you are making this sound like you just want a drive-by and go on home.”  I explain that I was still planning to have dinner with him and I thought it would be nice to meet earlier and have more time together and then he calmed down a bit.

He agreed to meet me at 5:00pm at a Tapas place for a glass of Sangria.  When I arrived, a few minutes late due to parking, there was a carafe of Sangria already on the table about half empty.  I have a glass and we are getting along swimmingly.  We talk about movies we like and fun places we’ve been.  He is good looking and charming. It all seems good.

Check back soon for the next installment of date #3:


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