First Date B#3



A marathon date Saturday night with B#3 was lots of fun but maybe a tad too long. I do not recommend seven hour first dates because they can prove to be awkward if you learn all you want to learn about a new person in a short period of time then you have several agonizing hours to pass before you can part company but I had promised my friend D that I would help her set up for her husband’s birthday party at a local winery  at around 6:00pm.  I was planning to nosh there before the 10:00pm play that I was reviewing so I invited B#3 to come along without thinking about how many hours that would be.  But it worked out because I learned two important things: 1) How this guy would do at a social event – something important in my world because Mr. Right for Me will be constantly attending galas, openings and charity events and he has to be able to hold his own without me babysitting or feeling “left out”.  2) If there was enough there to sustain conversation through a long stretch of time.

I must say, B#3 did a splendid job  balancing chatting up other party guests and spending time with me affording me the op  do my own chatting up of guests and still feel like I was “with” someone.  He is a really interesting, intelligent man and we managed to stay engaged in conversation throughout the night.  Fairly impressive.

Other things I learned:  He lives on a 75 acre farm, he LOVES this area and likes to be out in the country but also enjoys traveling, he is part owner of several businesses all over the country, he fosters dogs (there are currently 5 at his house right now and they have free run of the house), he also has a few pet cats, there are horses on his property but they are not his, he ADORES tomatoes, he was previously in a ten year relationship with a woman – that ended 3 years ago but they remain friends.

He came to my house and picked me up and we drove out to the winery which is about 35 minutes away.  He drove responsibly and asked interesting questions and provided interesting answers to my questions. He fit right in with the party crowd and seemed to have a great time.  We had decided ahead of time that we might go out to eat to sort of break up the evening so we left the party after a couple of hours making a grand exit by performing the “Time Warp” in a group karaoke number.  Not every man is able to pull that off, folks.  And those of you who have known me for a long time understand how truly meaningful it is to meet a guy who can rock some Rocky Horror Picture Show tunes.








B#3 is into food so he took me to one of his favorite restaurants for dinner, a nice Italian/Spanish place downtown.  He ordered a fabulous shrimp appetizer and all the waitstaff and owner fawned over him.  But he completely lacks pretense so the attention was pleasant but not intrusive.  Sadly, there  were no chocolate desserts to be had to top off my yummy piyaya dinner so dessert less we hoofed it over to the theatre where he purchased an orange peel and dark chocolate bar to share – add points.

The show, DIRTY BARBIE, is an original one woman wonder about growing up in the south in the late ’70’s, ’80’s and early ’90’s. It is full of secret girl stuff which might have offended a certain type of man but B#3 thoroughly enjoyed it and we had a lively discussion about it on the way home.





Only possible red flag (and this is minor): dogs allowed on the furniture including the bed.






Things I like most about him:  He has a vibrant, positive energy, he is articulate and possess a good sense of fun.  He is interesting and seems interested.  He seems really stable.

It was a lovely evening and I am planning to have a second date with him this Thursday – another dinner and another play.

Will keep you posted.



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