Second date B#2


OK, There is a lot going on.  When it rains it pours, right?  So you all know about the wonderful time I had with B#3 on Saturday night.  We are going to see another show tomorrow night and I am truly looking forward to it because he is taking me to one of my favorite restaurants in Staunton for dinner before the show at the Blackfriars Theatre at American Shakespeare Center.

Last night I went to see a show (this is what happens when you are a theatre critic, you see a lot of plays) with B#2.  It was a nice evening but he started out the conversation telling how he isn’t ready for a relationship.  That’s cool because we make good friends and there is a deal breaker issue at hand already, his ex-wife.  Ex-wife of B#2 is someone I knew before they got married and I am uninterested in reconnecting with her ever again for any reason.  They have three children which means, if involved seriously with him there would be interaction with her.  Sorry guys, he’s really nice and great to talk with and the children sound lovely but…. I am taking him out of the running.

So here I will introduce B#4 (told you things are jumping).  He is a little younger, someone I knew before I was married to H#2 (husband #2) and spent quite a bit of time with.  He is from an old Virginia family and is a gentleman farmer.  He is politically conservative but has a surprisingly similar spiritual belief to mine, likes art and the theatre, travels quite a bit and  likes sometimes to buy me expensive gifts just because- no strings attached, really. He is sweet natured and appeals to the traditional side of me.  Never married and no kids that I know of.

We went to the theatre on Sunday afternoon.  He took me out for brunch beforehand at a fantastic resort near my house.  He made sure we had a table with a spectacular view and we had such a nice time chatting and catching up that we were late for the play.  Upon return to the resort (to pick up my car) we stopped into the bar and had a glass of wine by the fire.  He was thoughtful and attentive and made me feel just wonderful.

Will provide a full report on second date with B#3 soon.

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    • He is politically conservative but is spiritually unconventional. He also spends most of his time with regular people as opposed to rich snobby types and is fairly generous with his money. And did I mention, he loves the theatre?

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