Blip : meet B#5


It has been a busy week.  Six play reviewed in eight days, 4 parties in the last two days and three meals “out” and two dates – a second date with B#3 and a first date with B#5 (need to fill you in).  Haven’t heard anything from B#4 this week though I left him a “thank you” voice mail and sent him a copy of the review I wrote of the play we say last Sunday afternoon.  This is the way he is a probably has something to do with why things never got off the ground with him years ago.

Second date with B#3 went fine but I got grouchy and irritated towards the end of the evening.  Dinner was great and the show was fantastic but I found myself getting a little irritated with him for no particular reason.  I am sensing something about him that I don’t like but I am also concerned that it is just because he is a nice guy and I am fairly un-used to that.  He invited my daughter and I out to his farm this morning to cut a Christmas tree (a very sweet gesture- he seemed eager to solve my Christmas tree dilemma which was I was uncomfortable paying for one but thought I should have one this year to add a feeling of festiveness to the cabin) and he was perfectly delightful and kind of cute in everyday clothes.  We saw him later another event to which he had invited us.  Since the invitation included anyone else we’d like to bring my friend F came and his beautiful lady friend.  The lady friend and B#3 had briefly dated about a year ago so that added an interesting dynamic to the afternoon.

Now I will introduce you to B#5:  This man is accomplished in his field, my middle sister’s age (older than me), well-off, children off to college, divorced twice and articulate. The photo I found of him showed a good-looking man, athletic and distinguished. A friend gave us both contact information and we had two delightful conversations then decided to meet for coffee. In real life he was at least 40 lbs heavier than his photo which took me off guard. I enjoyed the conversation but at the end of a 2.5 hour introduction he went for the ambush kiss when we were saying good bye.  I HATE that.  There was no indication on my part that a kiss would be appropriate and I had to dodge his mouth and kiss his cheek- ACK!  I was totally drained after that and just felt something amiss.

He called twice the next day and texted at 7:20am on the next morning (a Sunday).  When I finally called him to let him know that I had thought about it and didn’t want to pursue contact under the auspices of an eventual romantic attachment he said I had presumed too much, proceeded to tell me all the things that were wrong with me and then asked me if I wanted to get together with him after all.  I said it would be nice to meet under professional mentoring circumstances and he did a 180 and said that he only had time for relationships that had the possibility of romance.  WHATEVER, Mr. Presumptuous!  I felt great after hanging up.  I knew I had just spared us both from the agony of each other’s company.

Now that my daughter is home for the next four days before she leaves on vacation with her Dad, things should slow down a bit. And frankly I am ready for a rest.


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  1. Good riddance with B#5 – ambush kisses are not okay.

    As for #3, I think you need to go on another date with him and see if the feelings of irritation return. It could just be that you’re tired from having so much going on in recent weeks. Or, it could be that there is something off-putting about him. Either way, more research is needed.

  2. I really hope you mentioned the extra 40lbs to B#5 during your final conversation. Misrepresentation is not cool!

    I think that is so cute that B#3 arranged the Christmas tree cutting! Sounds like a really sweet guy. Was there any awkwardness with the lady friend he used to date?

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