Remember B#5?

The man I met for coffee who waxed poetic about all of his relationships, tried to kiss me when I deposited him at the parking lot, called me twice the next day then texted at 7:20am on Sunday morning and when I told him I was uninterested in a romantic involvement he said I presumed too much then went into a monolog about all the things that were wrong with me that he had determined in the two whole hours he spent with me two days prior then asked if I wanted to get together or not and when I said it would be ok if we could meet on a professional level and he said no he was only interested in getting together if there was a possibility of a romance? Well, yesterday he texted me a book recommendation.  I was truly surprised because I thought he had made it very clear that he was only interested in having contact if there was a chance for love.  So I decided that before I responded I should investigate the book in case there was some spiteful element to the suggestion.  This morning I received another text from B#5 saying, “Sent u a recommendation yesterday.  Might have been nice if u had acknowledged it.”


So what do you think DBT?


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  1. So let me get this straight:
    1. He’s misrepresented himself grievously re: looks
    2. He tries to plant an unwanted kiss on you
    3. When gently turned down, proceeds to insult you and recount how the person he was just pursuing is no longer worth the pursuit
    4. Then texts you, obviously planting a pretext for more contact (read: “game on”)
    4. Finally, tries to bait you when you don’t respond to his tactics

    Gosh, who WOULDN’T want to date such a keeper? Presumptuous, petulant, flip-floppy and expecting a gal to go all soft over such qualities.

    Don’t answer. Delete the number from your phone. Block all calls/texts. Unless you’re interested in playing games and playing into this guy’s unresolved issues with women.


  2. I actually would answer politely with your own movie recommendation: “The Truth About Cats and Dogs”. He should totally enjoy Janeane Garofalo pretending she looks like Uma Thurman.

  3. Forgive the tardy response, I’m a new fan and I’m just catching up on all these entries.

    Wow! What a specimen! I’m glad he doesn’t represent the gender. We aren’t all so dis-functional or crazy. Run, don’t walk away! Far and fast….

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