On a roll: B6 second date and meet B7







My darling daughter has been out of town for the past week scuba diving in Mexico with her father.  I was planning to take some time to relax, work on my end of the year accounting and generally chill but failed miserably.  Instead I began the time of being single without the mom part attached by going to dinner and a show with B4.  It was a perfectly fine evening but somehow I found myself getting inexplicably irritated about 3/4 of the way through.   He is really nice but might be a bit to eager to “be right for me” rather than just be himself.  Anyway dinner was delish, he is great at choosing restaurants.

On Friday and Saturday night I performed in a charity benefit and on Sunday made my way to DC to visit a dear woman friend and meet up with B7, someone I grew up with and with whom I recently connected.  We spent two fun filled days in DC (separate hotel rooms and no hanky panky- seriously).  He is financially secure, sarcastically funny, a professional and is very accommodating.  We went to the Shakespeare Theatre to see “Much Ado About Nothing” (which was fantastic), out to 1789 for dinner, The Four Seasons for a glass of bubbles, the next day went for a long walk, saw some art, skated on the mall, dined at Martins (wonderful oyster stew) and had our Tarot cards read.  It was a fun way to get to know each other.  He definitely shows care for what I care about but I am unsure if the communication piece is truly there and I am a little concerned about the role of alcohol in his life. He is also technically still married which makes me very uncomfortable at this time though I have made it clear that we can only be friends without benefits until a signed separation agreement is produced and if it is appropriate for me at that time to change that status.

Wednesday I had lunch (second date) with B6.  I was very tired as I had little sleep on Tuesday night but he was lovely.  I really like his even keeled manner and the way he talks about his two children (he has a son and a daughter, both in their 20’s).  He also is involved in some major community service. This man intrigues me because he is clear in his communication (so far), and complex.  He has a strong spiritual side that is compatible with my beliefs but is perhaps a bit conservative while being quite tolerant of other’s opinions.  He is refreshingly sane and seems comfortable in his own skin. He is also athletic and supports the arts.

B6 has since invited me to a UVA basketball game but I was unavailable. He has mentioned a desire to get together next week.


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  1. Both dates sounds interesting. You set some good parameters with #7. #6 sounds interesting and as if he might have potential.

  2. Agreed. Sounds like you’re having some good fun, and no creepy side-kisses coming out of nowhere. I am of course partial to B6- I like those stable ones which may initially be cast off as boring. “Still waters run deep” is a favorite saying. I’m curious about what you mean when you say about B7 that you wonder if the communication piece is there. Does he not seem to listen? Care? Is he argumentative? What is it about his communication that runs you the wrong way?

    • I am liking B6 as well. I invited him to join me this weekend for the theatre but he had previously made plans. He indicated he would like to get together again but has yet to make a move. He is intriguing but of course at this point boring (which I never said he was) is so different it could be interesting.

      Too soon to describe the communication issues with B7. Sometimes I feel like he is pushing too hard and needs to let things just flow.

      Thanks for your comments, Dorah. You are very wise

  3. B6 sounds kind of stable – a good trait. Some people need time to open up and communicate at a more meaningful level, and perhaps respond to (yes, to) a slower pace. Why rush? Your reference to alcohol with B7 could be a signal that a red flag is in the picture. Once again, why rush? Remember, the tortoise won the race.

    U no hoo

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