B7 comes to town


Apologies for being a blog slacker.  I have been awakened to the fact that my finances are dire and have been using every moment to work on paid gigs in order to remedy the situation.  I now have a minute to share about B7’s fun visit weekend before last and to catch you up on B4.

B7 arrived at the lovely resort near my home on Friday evening and came over to see my charming little farm cottage.  He is 6’5″ and had a rough time navigating the beams and in some places low ceilings of my goofy, architecturally unique abode (to read more about the cabin check out blackcatcabinchronicles.wordpress.com).  Once the tour was finished he went back to his very nice room while I changed clothes. My friend, Sarah (not her real name) was coming to meet B7 and B4 to give her opinion and see if she liked either one, I having decided that B4 was not happening for me was happy to introduce her but alas, he was unavailable.  All that fretting about what to do about him for nothing.  He has not called me since the night he cancelled making dinner at the last minute and when I called him to invite him out for this occasion now two weeks past, he was polite and said he would call soon to arrange another time to get together but has yet to do so.  I am glad to stop fretting about him.

Anyway… Sarah was interested in meeting him so it is his loss.  They might have actually been cute together.

So I got dressed and met Susan in the bar at the resort and B7 joined us after he showered. We had some wine and some fantastic fries cooked in truffle oil and sprinkled with parmesan then shot off to my favorite restaurant in town to meet up with a mutual male friend, Kevin (married so not game and not his real name either). All four of us had a wonderful time eating fabulous food, drinking some good wine and chatting. B7 ordered a cab to take him to the resort and Sarah and I to my house and that was that.

B7 came to the house for a home cooked breakfast of Italian frittata, fried potatoes, bacon and tea.  He got points for brining a copy of the Washington Post, my favorite newspaper. Then after a proper rest he and I returned to the resort for a private yoga lesson.  Really- yoga.  I was truly impressed with his ability to keep his mind focused on the practice and his willingness to try something new and challenging just because it is important to me.

I left him all zenned out in his room and went horse back riding while he worked.  In the late afternoon I went back to the resort to take advantage of the claw foot tub and luxurious shower in one of the two bathrooms in B7’s room since I lack a bath tub in my house and my shower is small and cramped.  He laughed at how quickly I locked the bathroom door to ensure my privacy.  Of course, I would only be in a man’s bathroom in his hotel room if I knew him well enough to know that he would respect my wishes for whatever interaction I deemed appropriate and B7 is an old friend whom I trust.  I enjoyed a lovely undisturbed bath and shower, got dressed (this bathroom is huge) and we got out just in time to make it to a restaurant for a nosh and to the theatre for a play.

I went straight home and returned to the resort in the morning to join B7 for a scrumptious breakfast with a gorgeous view from the dining room. He left and I went on about my day.

It was a fun visit and he sent me a nice present of some fantastic baked goods from one of my fav bakeries in Georgetown.

Tonight I go to a women’s basketball game with B6.  I had to sort of invite myself so we’ll see what is going on. I had an email from him two weeks ago suggesting he would like to get together last week and then nothing.  So I invited him to a play but sent it to the wrong email.  Several days later I realized my mistake and emailed him Tuesday confessing my goof. He wrote back and I asked if I could collect on the rain check for an invite I had to previously decline due to scheduling issues.  He bit and I’m going to see him tonight.

Will keep you posted.



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