What’s with the SUV’s?


So having said I was uninterested in dating, I met a man for coffee this morning.  There is a story behind this, of course.  This man is connected socially to my landlords and I said I would meet him before I put the moratorium on dating.  They asked about him and I caved.


We had a pleasant coffee and conversation, no fireworks but just fine.  He likes to dance and it would be fun to see how this rather conservative person manifests dancing.  At any rate, we get out to the parking lot after chatting and he hops into his huge SUV.  This is the second rather conservative man I have met here who drives a in-excusably large SUV.  Both men are divorced with grown children who no longer have an apparent reason for driving these gigantic gas guzzling automobiles!

It just makes me want to vomit.

Perhaps I am being judgmental here but, really, this act of driving some giant car without a real purpose  just seems egotistical and un-thinking.  What about the environment?  What about practicality?

Both of these men are wealthy and could probably afford any regular car they would want so why stick with these horrible, giant cars?

I know I said that any two people can have a relationship given the right qualities and a willingness to communicate BUT this seems to be a pretty serious indicator of core values.

I drive a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid.  Do you think it is possible that I could live harmoniously with a man who drives a huge, honking’ SUV?


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  1. I’ve been laughing about this since I got your voice mail this morning. I don’t know what the right answer is in this case, as I tend to judge SUV drivers negatively and harshly. I suppose you should find out if he has a reason for needing such a large vehicle, such as hauling large chunks of oak for his woodcarving hobby or possibly canoes for Boy Scouts.

  2. In a word, NO. Not unless he uses the incredibly large hunk of metal to haul mulch to community gardens, or toys to children in hospitals, or used electronics to a recycling center. Otherwise, you (and your friends) won’t be able to help seeing the car as a garish symbol of masculine sexual prowess and power. “I’ve got so much money, I can literally burn it in the form of gasoline and environmental waste, and the world will bend to my power!”

    Sorry I’ve been checked out lately- dealing with life, which is more chaotic than usual.

  3. I find these huge SUV’s to be offensive to every sense I have, common being the first of these senses. It’s as if they’re saying “my success entitles me to be a completely irresponsible steward of the environment”. While I don’t drive a hybrid, I do drive a small car that makes sense for my lifestyle. Your statement regarding “core values” is spot on.

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