Going Brazilian Part II: The basics


Two days ago I started blogging about bikini waxing and how this has become a normal part of grooming that many women entering the dating scene following a long term relationship may want to explore.  (To see my introduction to bikini waxing click here.) I pointed out in the post that if you have had only one sexual partner for the last 15 to 25 years you may be out of the loop on the trends because way back when you started dating that man bikini waxing was reserved for strippers and hookers.  Now it is a mainstream activity and the expectations of grooming “down there” may be a bit different than the last time you thought about it.

To confirm that other newly “divorced” middle aged women were interested in this topic I spoke with Kimberly Austin.  According to  Austin, a 5 year veteran “waxologist” at Bombshell Salon in Richmond, there has been an increase in middle aged divorcees waxing in the last several years. Says Austin, “Two years ago 20% of my waxing clients were over 30.  Now the breakdown is about 60% younger women and 40% older. Most of these women are coming in after a divorce.”  “Getting a wax can help you feel sexy and more vital.  It can be a factor in an older woman gaining confidence to try new things.”  says Victoria Snapp owner of Simple Spa  in Charlottesville who has had clients dramatically change their hair and try pole dancing after beginning waxing the bikini area.

It is pretty dramatic going from a full “bush” to nothing so Austin recommends starting with a standard bikini wax (tops of the inner thighs, plus a quarter inch in towards the labia and anything above the panty line) and moving inward a little more each time you wax until you are ready for none or next to none. “Most women go from a regular bikini wax and work their way up to a French wax (all hair off the back side of the buttocks, some hair on the labia) then to either a full Brazilian (everything) or a landing strip (everything except a small strip of hair from below the panty waistband to the top of the labia),” she explains.

Advice to consider:  Start out slowly and work your way up to “the full Monty”  if that is where you think you want to go.

Tomorrow I will explore salon cleanliness issues to ask about before booking your first appointment.

Do you think getting a bikini wax would make you feel sexier and more confident?

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    • It does get easier as you continue to wax – I will blog more about that in a later post. As far as inner parts ripping, I have not experienced that.

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