Going Brazilian Part IV: Etiquette


Thank you for staying on this journey with me.  Just one or two more posts on this subject and it will be done.  If you are just signing on to Dating by Committee you will notice that this is the fourth installment.  If you are interested in the previous related posts, please click here for the most recent which has links to the other two as well.  We have already discussed some definitions for types of bikini waxing,  and what to look for in a salon.  Proper etiquette is the subject today.

You see, the positions that one must get in in order to properly remove hair in the bikini area and the very nature of the act call for a prescribed level of cleanliness.  In order for the experience to be as pleasant as possible (possible being the operative word in this case) for all parties involved, there are certain things one can do.

In order to get the perspective of the “other” person involved in bikini waxing, I called upon Audrey Nell Smith, an esthetician at Bombshell Salon in Richmond, Va.  Audrey has performed “a few thousand Brazilians,” she says, and one day allowed me to interview her while I was literally on the table

Proper Bikini/Brazilian Wax Etiquette According to Audrey:

  1. Be clean.  Shower the day of your wax and make sure all areas “down under’ are clean. Schedule your wax before your workout rather than after.  If you must workout before your wax, either shower afterwards or at least make an effort to wash the area to be waxed.  Audry suggests “being clean from front to back, cleaning the whole area.”
  2. Be on time.  Waxes are usually booked fairly tightly together so tardiness on your part may result in loosing your appointment.
  3. Have clean, neat feat or wear clean socks. Just a point of consideration for your waxologist.
  4. Exfoliate.  Exfoliation the night before helps to loosen the hair and rids the skin of excess skin cells which may effect the “grab” factor of the wax.
  5. Take an Ibeprofin beforehand.  If your skin is sensitive and you tend to get really pink after a wax, an ibeprofin will help reduce the swelling quicker.
  6. Get the No Scream Cream by Relax and Wax available online at http://www.dermstore.com/reviews_No+Scream+Cream_500311.htm.  If you are highly sensitive to pain using this special cream will help.
  7. Inform your Waxologist.  If you are having your period or have any medical conditions going on down “there”, let your waxologist know so she may be prepared.  If you are on your period you should wear a tampon or choose to reschedule your wax.

Can you think of anything else you might do that would constitute good manners in this situation?

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