Going Brazilian Part V: Tips for Bikini Wax Virgins




Tomorrow is the big day.  I have an appointment at Simple Spa in Charlottesville and in preparation for spring break I am going Brazilian. Though it is far from my first bikini wax experience, I couldn’t help thinking about women who might try this for the first time and how nice it would have been if someone had told me what to expect.  If you have been reading this series up to now you know how to prepare for your wax, what to look for in a salon.  Now it is time to get an idea of the procedure itself.

I remember being a bit intimidated at first.  I mean aside from my most recent wasband (remember I have two of them) and my gynecologist, that area of my body had remain unseen by another human being for 12 years or so.  The purpose of all this is to give you an idea so you can decide if this sort of  update to your look is for you.

So here is an outline of the procedure:

You should be escorted to a private treatment room in the salon where you will be asked to undress from the waist down (remember to keep some socks on unless you have neat, clean feet).

If you are shy (like I was when I started bikini waxing) the salon should offer a one -size -fits -all paper string bikini you can wear during the wax process.  You may also bring an extra pair of older panties to wear if you like, but be warned they will probably get wax on them. If the salon fails to offer the panties you may ask for them.

Once you are disrobed to your satisfaction, you will be asked to lie on the table.  Many salons use towels to cover up vulnerable areas if you like similar to how a massage therapist will use a towel to cover your breasts during a massage.

The wax should be warm rather than scalding and applied with something like a popsicle stick.  Audrey Nell Smith from Bombshell explains why the first time you wax is the worst:

“The first time is the hardest time but it gets easier each time you wax. Before you wax the first time the hair is pulled from the body the hair folic le is strong and the hair is strong making the pull effect of waxing the worst it will ever be. Once that bond is broken it takes less effort to remove the hair from the folicle and often after years hair stops growing all together. The pain is similar to quickly ripping a band aid off.”

You may be asked to put your legs in some interesting positions in order to get to some hard to reach places.

After your wax, your esthetician my apply some special cream and should advise you on how to deal with ingrown hairs.

Then you get dressed and go home to take a shower as you may feel a little sticky afterwards.

First timers should avoid sun exposure to the waxes area for a couple of days.

Audrey also suggests taking ibuprofen before your first wax to help control swelling or pain issues.

Tomorrow: trends in bikini waxing- you won’t want to miss that one!

Are there any other beauty topics you are interested in exploring?



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  1. Mary,
    After perusing this series, I can tell you that this Y-chromosome has once again upped my level of appreciate for you women….not only for the amount of time and effort you put into making yourselves look and feel beautiful, but because of your tolerance level for us.

    Here’s some insight into the discussions we men have had about your efforts. It goes something along the lines of, “I don’t know why they go to that much trouble. It’s not like we’d ever turn it down…”

    But here’s the important insight I’ve gleaned from your series here — yes, I can tell you all want to be sexy for us (albeit Neanderthals), but it is every bit as much about self-care…as in self-pampering, self-talk “I’m worth it” and a whole array of emotions that have zero to do with us.

    I hope you don’t mind the Y-Chromosome perspective take…

  2. Thanks for your comments, Matt. Do I understand you correctly when you say that men don’t care how women groom “down there”? The reason I ask is when I was discussing this topic with a woman friend who has been married for 20 plus years to the same man (she doesn’t even shave her legs anymore, she says) she commented that most men would not care how much or how little hair a woman has.

    Having dated younger men, I disagree with her. The younger ones find too much hair a turn off as far as I can tell.

    Is it an age thing?

    • Mary,
      First, in my discussions with my friends, there is definitely a generational bias towards a preference. But even still, trust me, perfect/imperfect grooming is not a deal breaker for our side of the aisle whether the guy is 35 or 45. But I would say that hairy legs are more likely to be a turn-off — a little stubble? not a problem, we get it; more than that? not gonna work.

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