Going Brazilian Part VI: Trends in Bikini Waxing


Just when you thought the subject of bikini waxing was done, you are surprised by one last post regarding trends.  Yes, there are trends.

Creating shapes with the hair  at the top of the labia is a current trend according to Sue Ismiel, Executive Chair of Nad’s Natural Hair Removal. “Some of the most poplular shapes are the heartbreaker, the thunderstruck, the landing strip and the Bermuda triangle.”

Click here for a link to her video.

“I have had people request initials but that is really hard to do,” says Kimberly Austin of Bombshell salon in Richmond.


Heartbreaker:  heart shape design of pubic hair

Thunderstruck: a lightening bolt design of pubic hair

Landing strip: a small rectangle shape from the bottom of the underwear waste band to the top of the pubic bone or shorter

Postage stamp: a very small landing strip on

the pubic bone

Bermuda Triangle:  a triangle shape with the top points facing the hips and the bottom point at the top of the labia

For more on trends click here for an article in Glamour Magazine.

Thank you for bearing with me during this exploration.  Hopefully it has been informative at the very least.

I had my wax this morning and I feel great!  Looking forward to wearing a bathing suit over spring break next week without worry.

What is something that you do that helps you to feel confident and current?

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