The Foundations of Mental Feng Shui




Following last weeks little rejection I feel that it is important to continue some self esteem boosting.  Since we covered (or uncovered) the mysteries of bikini waxing, today I am delving into the topic of undergarments.  Perhaps I am far too tuned into the shallow world of fashion (it was my major in college after all)  but I find that when I wear attractive, flattering underwear it creates the foundation (excuse the pun) for a great outfit.  At the very least it makes me feel good – confident, pretty and sometimes, depending on the undergarments, sexy. It has been fun in recent weeks to peruse the lingerie departments of several stores and learn about the trends in cut, color and styles, knowledge that I shall share in upcoming blogs but in this introduction to this series, it is important to mention the magic of lingerie as well.

I forget where I read this but somewhere I read that if you wish to invite a relationship into your life you must set up the proper mental feng shui.  New lingerie can definitely contribute.  When my friend C. finalized her divorce instigated by her husband’s affair with another woman, several of her girlfriends threw her a party similar to a bridal shower. (to learn more about divorce parties click here) Many of the gifts were sexy lingerie intended as symbols of sexual confidence, assurance that her sex life would continue and as charms to attract or be prepared for a future mate. Elizabeth Gilbert describes lingerie shopping in Rome in her bestseller, EAT, PRAY, LOVE during a time of recovery from divorce and the break-up with a lover.  She marvels at her extravagance and wonders why, during a time of self-imposed celibacy, she is buying sexy underthings. “For whom, Liz?”, she asks herself.  The answer to that question comes later in the book when she finds love in Bali in the form of an older Brazilian man.

So, I want to thank the wonderful, knowledgeable sales team in the lingerie department at Nordstrom’s at Pentagon City who were very patient and tirelessly helped me find flattering, comfortable, beautiful new bras, panties to jumpstart my mental feng shui and prepare me for an as of yet unidentified romance with a fantastic man.

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  1. I think that great lingerie is important for all women, regardless of relationship status. I’ve started buying fun things for myself and while it’s all mostly for my own benefit, when my husband discovers that I have something great on underneath my outfit, he’s pretty pleased too.

    I can’t wait to read all about your research on this topic.

  2. Great topic and, as a guy, I appreciate your understanding of the topic. It is ALWAYS extra fun to realize that your hot date is even hotter when you discover a “hidden” gift. Wow! Can’t wait to see where you take this topic.

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