Lingerie continued: fit changes everything


Part of looking and feeling good in your lingerie is having the proper fit.  Bra fitting is especially important and makes a big difference in comfort and how you fit in your clothing.  For a large percentage of my bra wearing life, I wore a 34B bra size.  Little did I know that this was far from the best fit for me.  I was in my 40’s before finding Ruth, a bra fitting expert at her cute little shop in Richmond,Va called Kiss and Make Up.  Ruth told me that most women who come into her store are wearing the wrong bra size and that your size can change over the years so it is important to be fitted every other year or so unless you experience a major weight gain/loss or alter your exercise habits which might effect the size of your pectoral muscles.


She explained that when the band size is correct there is less lumping in the back and when the cup size is right there is a lack of “spillage”.  Spillage is when flesh bulges out from the sides or over the front of the bra.  I was amazed that my true size was 32C.  I felt so much more comfortable and looked much better.







While I was in Ruth’s shop once a young woman with ample breasts came in saying that being fitted for the proper bra size was her last hope before breast reduction surgery.  “Egads!” I thought.  She was not more that 17 years old. My heart went out to her.  But Ruth set her up with the right bra and the expression on this girl’s face was worth 1,000 words.  She lit up.  And with beaming smile exclaimed to her mother, “I can breath!”  It was a really beautiful moment.

If you haven’t been fitted for a bra for a while, then that is something you can do to increase your personal comfort and boost your self-esteem.  You may be pleasantly surprised, as I was, when I was fitted again recently, and find out there is more of you to show off in some hot new bras.


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