More Mental Feng Shui: Clearing the Path


I am changing residences in the coming week and with that comes purging- less stuff means less stuff to move.  You would think since my last move was only 9 months ago that I would be fairly free of stuff but truthfully, though I now own less than most people I know I have discovered some things that I hauled to this house less than a year ago that I really didn’t need but for some reason was unable to let go of at that time.  It is fun reviewing and editing my life through the boxes of pictures and paraphernalia I have been carrying around with me for decades but this time as I sifted through the locker decorations from High School, invitations to events long passed and horse show ribbons I thought a lot about letting go of things that no longer serve me.

I have always kept a lot of memorabilia as if I was documenting my life for some important biography down the road but when I began the process of cleaning out my late father’s home I had an epiphany about the lack of importance of all the stuff.  My Dad kept little stuff too like the buttons from his WWII army uniform, his elementary school yearbook, a program from his 60th college reunion and countless name tags from events, conferences and retreats he attended.  As I was going through it all I realized that this stuff meant nothing to me.  I did not know those people or places.  These items were now totally worthless. I was’t there and the memories attached died with my father.

I took a look at my own life and the stuff I had saved and began a many years process of purging.

What does this all have to do with dating?

I decided this time to finally let go of some symbols of past romances that I had been holding on to in an effort to clear the mental and physical space for a new one.  With each item I found I thought about its meaning and why I had kept if for so long.  I found a pack of letters for a college beau.  He wrote me every day we were apart during summer vacation one year.  There were about 100 letters in the packet.  I had been holding on to them to remind myself that someone was once so crazy for me that they wrote me all these beautiful, funny, thoughtful letters.  I knew I would never read them again and so they got tossed making room for a new love to write me beautiful letters (or emails as the case may now be). I tossed pictures of old boyfriends and about 10 pounds of wedding photos and trinkets from my second wedding and more.

With the things I am keeping, I will organize them by year and either store them in keepsake boxes or create scrap books with them for occasional perusal  and to help my children have a better understanding of me as a whole person growing up rather than just their Mom.

Looking towards my future,  tomorrow I will go to a friend’s house and create a visioning notebook to help me stay focused on my personal goals and to send a clear message to the Universe regarding what I wish to invite into my life.

Having purged more physical stuff, I feel mentally, physically and emotionally lighter, excited and hopeful to be organizing dreams for the future with tomorrow’s visioning exercise. Such a cleansing and focus can only make me shine more and be more  attractive to a potential mate.

Are you a memory hoarder?  How do you manifest that ( or not) in your life?

Note:  I wrote this a couple of weeks ago.  I am all moved now and loving my new space.


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  1. No, I am not a memory hoarder. If anything, I probably don’t save enough, but it’s a reaction to all the hoarding done by other folks in my household.

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