Dance Like There’s Nobody Watching: Take Yourself Out on a Date



All this talk about me to avoid has sent some avoidance energy out into the Universe and men are currently avoiding me like the plague.  But I am putting myself out there, not really looking but taking care of myself and being open to all possibilities.


One thing that I am passionate about it dance.  Music just speaks to my soul and ignites my body into movement.  I had dreams of being a professional dancer ( a Rockette – but alas I am too short) when I was smaller and had a vision once that I was a prima ballerina dancing in The Nutcracker.  I took Jazz, Tap and Ballet as a child, went to every school dance and cherished the hours learning to ballroom dance at Cotillion. I started going to bars to dance at age 14, mastered all the disco era dances and spent innumerable hours in clubs all over the world dancing, dancing, dancing.  At nearly 50 I can still kick my legs head height with nary a warm up.  Aerobics and Zumba have been my only outlets for this passion of late but Saturday night’s Salsa Concert inspired me.


Sunday night I went to a Salsa Party at a local bar.  From 8 – 9PM there was a lesson and from 9 on a Latin dance party.  I showed up for the lesson and a very interesting young man that I met through a mutual friend was there by coincidence.  He is tall and cute in that Keanu Reeves kind of way, full of positive energy and interesting stories as a foreign correspondent in Asia.  He probably thinks of me like that cool older woman close to his mother’s age but so what?  I really don’t need every man to adore me in a romantic way just the right one.




Keanu Reeves

Anyway, the dance lesson was great because most of the people there were single and the instructor gave us the chance to meet everyone by having us rotate partners often.  The atmosphere was so relaxed and fun, everybody just dances with everybody and there is a total lack of tension- it was a blast.  I met some fun, interesting, diverse people,  danced with some great dancers (as well as some who were not so great but full of enthusiasm) and participated in an activity that feeds my soul.  I felt like I found a new family and look forward to going again in the coming months.


I left with my Keanu look alike friend and some other dancers to have a drink at a nearby bar.  On the way to the bar, her made the comment, “That was so much fun! I am definitely coming back. There were so many beautiful women my age there it was great!”   Ouch! Did he have to include the “my age” in that sentence?  Those two words stung a bit but he is so sweet and I knew he didn’t mean anything by it because of course, I am not in that club, I am his mom in his mind.


Anyway, a good time was had by all and the activity just reinforced the notion that this is my life and it is up to me to make it extraordinary.


What is something you would like to try or love to do of which you have been depriving yourself?


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  1. I’d like to take dance lessons with my husband but he has been resisting for years. That’s okay, I can be patient. We have two daughters and I just know that one of them is going to have a wedding one day and dancing will be part of that reception and therefore we will HAVE to take lessons together beforehand so as not to embarrass ourselves or our daughter. 🙂

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