Gratitude for Thoughtful Men




A couple of weeks ago I met a man at a cocktail party.  We had a nice chat and seemed to have some things in common, a comfortable energy between us.  When it was time for me to leave I asked him if he would like to continue our chat over coffee sometime and upon his agreement I gave him my card so he could contact me to arrange a time.  A week passed and nothing.  I thought perhaps I had misread his enthusiasm and chalked his lack of contact up to dry spell karma.

Then I ran into him at a charity function this weekend.

He greeted me like an old friend.  The words that came out of my mouth were, “Oh yeah, You’re the guy who didn’t call me.”  Not in a mean way but more in a laughing teasing way.  He laughed too, in a relaxed manner rather than a “you got me” way.  We had another nice conversation and some good interaction throughout the evening and I just figured he is a nice guy and he has his reasons for just not being into me- whatever.

Then later in the evening he explained himself.  He is in the process of ending a relationship and wanted to spare me from the drama.  He preferred to be emotionally ready before getting involved.

I was thrilled to hear this.  What a lovely change of pace from the last , Oh I don’t know, 6 men I have been out with!  I was so touched I just wanted to kiss him right there (Please know,I restrained my self – I am so proud.)  Finally, a man who could put my feelings first!  A guy who at minimum has the sense not to start a relationship before his current relationship is finished in every sense. I am so grateful to know that someone like this exists.  A nice guy.  And you can bet your bottom dollar that if I am still available when he IS ready to date  I would be honored to go out with him.

Do you know any men like this?  If so where did you meet them?

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  1. I agree. My friend, Hal says that one should wait at least two years post divorce before getting involved. If that is a good gauge, then maybe we could start dating in the spring of 2015. Something to look forward to I guess.

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