A Few Simple Words


Sometimes I check out other people’s blogs and websites that are relevant to what I write about.  I think it is good to know what other people are saying and doing in cases something proves to be helpful or worth checking out.  There is a lot of garbage out there designed to extract money from the wallets of women like dating or relationship advice you have to pay for. I am always skeptical of anyone or anything that promises an intangible like love, longevity, wealth or eternal life for money because I know it is the fastest way to make a fortune on earth.

One day about a month ago I came across this guy, Christian Carter, who self-admitedly  has no training or formal education in psychology or anything else having to do with relationships except that he is a man.  He feels that he can help women “get the guy” they want with a simple program that he has designed.  I tried to get enough info to see if I could figure this guy out and what his “secrets” are for the sake of decreeing his credibility and somehow got on his email list. Aside from being a study in blatant sales pitches (I have an extensive Marketing background and have a sick fascination for this stuff), his emails totally suck me in because I want to see if he will trip up and give some advice for free.  Alas, he is a pro and I waste time combing his words for actual content.

Many times I have considered posing questions on this blog concerning CC’s claims and theories because I am curious about reactions to what he has to say but I have restrained myself because I am unwilling to imply that I  endorse him or anything he says.  But today all resistance is lost.  Today, Christian Carter communicated in an email  that all a woman has to know are the right words and she can have any man eating out of my hand and willing to share all of his inner most thoughts and feelings for the rest of his life.

Great! A script to catch any man for life!!!!  Just what the single middle aged woman needs.

So this is the beginning portion of todays absurdly long email from CC:


Hi Mary,

Do you ever find that your boyfriend or husband doesn’t listen?

Oh, and that he doesn’t talk much to you either?

Which leaves you to wonder… if he doesn’t talk or listen, how in the world are you supposed to have a real relationship?

Here’s the thing: you can have a man be begging to share more about how he thinks and feels with you – IF you know a few simple words that will really get through to him and make a difference.

Men actually do enjoy connecting and sharing… but only when THEY feel inspired to do so.

If you’re tired of the UNCERTAINTY and DOUBT that comes from not knowing how the man in your life really feels and why he’s so disconnected…

And you’d like to create a deeper level of CONNECTION and UNDERSTANDING…

Then it’s time you knew the SECRETS of how to be the one woman a man will love opening himself up to and listen with an open heart. These secrets of how to talk to a man are all right here:



It looks to me like CC is pushing a lot of buttons geared towards the anxieties that women feel in relationships.  More intriguing perhaps, is the mystery of “a few simple words”.

Without buying CC’s program (which I have not reviewed or yet even clicked on the link) what do you suppose those “few simple words” could be?

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