They weren’t all bad…



There have been one or two nice guys in my dating past and today I would like to relate the story of one of them.

I was in college at the time and went to work for the summer at a beach resort as a cocktail waitress at a prominent night spot.  My good girlfriend and I thought it would be fun to make some good money and still be able to hang out at the beach during the day and in my usual way of making decisions at that point in my life (aka: I had nothing better to do) I went.

On the day  unusually hot day of my interview for the job I drove 60 plus miles in a steamy car and changed into fresh clothes in a McDonald’s bathroom catty-corner from the place of my future employment.  As I rushed in to make my interview appointment on time a hulk of a man was leaving.  He stopped as I passed him, turned around and followed me back into the manager’s office.  He introduced himself as the head bouncer which totally made sense because he was 6’7″ tall with shoulders as broad as a bus.  But his demeanor was anything but threatening.  He had the smile of a six year old who had just accomplished some challenging task for the first time and a gentleness about him that implied he would nary hurt a fly.

Mr. Head Bouncer sat through the interview and at the end leaned over and whispered something in the managers ear.  I was told to report to work at some specific date and time for training.  Without my knowing it my summer’s fate was sealed.

I had been dating a nice Jewish boy from the North Shore area of Chicago.  A short smart, sarcastic guy who was a brilliant writer whose quips often sent me into peels of laughter but who was so un athletic I could whip him good in an arm wrestling match.  I had zero intention of dating anyone at the beach as I was “in LOVE” with Mr. Chicago.

So I went about my business of finding a place to live and learn how to take drink orders and deliver drinks. I saw the Head Bouncer at work and thought nothing of him.  On the second or third day of life at the beach, I decided to venture out and do a little looking around, checking out shops and what have you.  I walked into a clothing store and starting sifting through the racks.  The sales associate started up a chat and after a few minutes said, “Oh, you’re Head Bouncer’s girlfriend.”

“What?” I said.

“Because you are Head Bouncer’s girlfriend you can have anything in the store for 20% off,” she  responded in a way that ensured I had no say in the matter.

“Interesting”, I thought.  “I am not dating anyone and no one in this town knows me.  She must be confusing me with someone else.”

So on down the street I went and stopped in another  shop with a similar experience. I decided I must look like Head Bouncer’s girlfriend or something because this was getting weird.

Tune in tomorrow for the next part of the story….


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