Boys of Summer: How I Met H2 continued…


Later that summer on an obnoxiously hot and humid August night I met some friends at a charity function.  That sounds fairly hoity toity, right?  But actually it was a beer and barbecue brew ha ha in the parking lot of a car dealership with a live band and about 500 people.  The night time temp was about 84 degrees with 96% humidity where sweat sticks to ones body like glue.

A very popular local band was performing that night and approximately 150 of the party guests were sweltering out on the dance floor by 11:00pm. Taking a break from the melee, my female friend J and I were taking in the scene of  undulating  bodies when halfway across the dance floor I spotted a gorgeous man.  He was dancing in amidst a group, his short-sleeved shirt buttons undone exposing sculptured pecs and a six pack of abs.  I thought : “Hot dancing guy with shirt undone = gay.”  I pointed him out to J who OOOOhhhed with approval.  “He’s got to be gay,” I said. “Maybe,” she retorted.  “Dance with him and find out then come back and tell me,” I said.  She did.  He wasn’t. I danced with him next.

We had a blast dancing and chatting.  He was so funny and interesting and HOT.  An irresistible  combination.  Then at one point while I was talking with other friends and he had gone to get a beer or something, our mutual friend, H (the guy who had wanted to set me up with his unemployed recently dejected artist friend) pulled me aside.  “I see you’ve met my artist friend.  They guy I wanted to set you up with,” he said.  “What do you think?”  UGH! My better judgement had already told me this guy was not going to work for me.  And I had been right, I knew I would like him a lot if I met him.

“You must promise me NOT to give him my number.”

I asked all my friends there not to give him my number as well.  They all agreed.

Cute Dancing Artist Man and I danced and chatted some more and when it came time for me to leave he asked for my number and I refused to give it.

“I have to go now,” I said.  “It was nice meeting you.  Have a great life.”

I turned and walked away but after about ten steps I looked back.  The look on his face was so forlorn like a kid whose security blanket had been taken away.  I felt a tug on my heart like the kind when you walk away from that adorable puppy in the window at the pet store.

Thinking that I would never see him again, having had a beer or two and seeing that I had nothing to lose, I strode back and kissed him.  Thinking it would be the only kiss I ever gave him I made sure it was the kiss to end all kisses – a long passion filled wet sensual kiss.

I left him standing on the pavement – utterly stunned.

to be continued…

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