A Man and His Dog



Someone once told me that if you want some perspective on how a man will treat you in the long run, take note of how he keeps his car.  The theory goes something like if he maintains his car well, changing the oil regularly and taking care of maintenance wether he does the personally or via a mechanic and keeps it neat and clean he will make sure to take good care of you and work diligently to maintain the relationship.  If the abuses his car, ignoring  regular maintenance and allows it to get dirty and junked up inside and out then it is a sign of how he will be at maintaining your relationship.

That has certainly been my experience with men but I have heard conflicting opinions on that topic.

But what I do know is that you can definitely tell how a man will treat you by observing how he treats his pets particularly his dog.

For example:

A guy can appear to be a loving keeper of his dog, taking it with him whenever possible, letting it sleep in his bed and petting her constantly while he watches TV.  But a little more observation can reveal another side to their interaction.  When the dog can’t  go with him does he leave her for  long periods alone? Does he check to make sure she has water or food before he leaves her?  On weekends does he sleep until afternoon ignoring the dog’s communications to go out though it has been 10 or more hours since her last walk?  How often does he take her on long walks? What grade of  dog food  does he feed her and is there a regular feeding time? If the dog has fur (as opposed to hair like a terrier breed),  how often does he brush and bath her ?  Does he take his dog for regular vet visits and how does he react to the cost of the vet’s services?

Pay close attention to those details because after the first glow of romance fades, he will most likely  treat you in a similar fashion,

So if you want to know how things will be in the long run check out the state of the pooch.

Men out there… Are there any tried and true ways that you know of to determine how a woman will treat you in the long run? I’d like to hear them.

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  1. I’d like to agree with you, but I have never owed a dog! But I do keep my car clean.

    As to your other question, I think that women who tend to obsess over orderliness, technique, or sequence, are ones who will tend to want to control the relationship, even if they say they want to share that control. A house that has every pillow in place and doesn’t have a dust bunny somewhere is a sign of that. Flows over into things like cooking–does she maintain there is only one way to fix a recipe? If so, then my experience tells me she is someone with an agenda….underneath she want to change her man.

    A woman who knows how to love a man, to understand that his ego is fragile and needs to feel the support and softness that tempers his ego and testosterone, is one who will find a thankful and reciprocal mate.

    • Wow! Mister8tch.

      You comment shows a great deal of thought and detailed observation – brilliant.

      I am totally using elements of your observations on controlling women in my novel. I think you nailed it with the one way to do something concept (aka their way) while deviating from that “way” makes you a bad person rather than simply different.

      I must say that I like my house neat because I have ADD and am a visually oriented person so if things are out of place it makes me NUTS. But clean is another story and technique and sequence are irrelevant to me so maybe there is hope after all.

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