We Interrupt This Program: Sadly this is NOT a news flash


I  interrupt the posting of the continuation of Spanish Holiday to bring you this what- is- not- really a news flash anymore:

I was slated for a dinner date with a man tonight.  Someone I met at Salsa who seemed really fun and nice.  I enjoy dancing with him  and he is a little flirty but hey, that is part of the fun of going to a regular Salsa gig.  Anyway, today, by total chance, I learned that he is married with two kids.

Geeze Loueeeze!  That makes 5 married men who hit on me this summer already!

Though it was tempting  to go ahead with our plans for the evening and be wickedly amused by his flirtations and watching him squirm when I asked him to be sure and say “hello” to his wife and kids from me at the end of the evening, I did the responsible thing and texted to cancel the date.  No need to waste my energy even at the expense of a good dinner.

I know the Universe is functioning perfectly but…

Please, please, please, dear readers, send out some good single man karma for me.


So after I posted this I got a phone call from the man in question.  He wanted to know why I had cancelled and I told him that I don’t go out with married men. This was his response: He said in a defensive tone (hold onto your hats, ya’ll, ’cause this is rich),

“I didn’t do anything wrong.  You didn’t ask me if I was married.”

HOW ABOUT  THAT?!!! According to this guy It is my fault he asked me out on a date and I didn’t know he was married!


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    • Thanks for the good vibes and for your comment. Perhaps a checklist would make a fun blog post. What do you suggest should be on such a thing?

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