What to wear: First Weekend Away


So you are in the middle of life and you are dating.  Good for you!  You have met someone you like and have been going out for a while then he invites you to join him for a weekend away.  This is a great opportunity to get to know how you interact over a longer period of time than a date and how well you travel together- because we all know that being away with someone is quite different than being with them in familiar environs.  For one thing, if you get tired or bored, you can’t just leave and go back to your own space, you have to problem solve and work it out.

The first weekend away may also brings up some wardrobe issues – particularly what to wear to bed.  If you have already been sleeping with this guy you may have a no-brainer answer to this question like, “Duh, Mary, Chanel #5.”  But some of us get chilly at night and post romantic encounter may want a little something on to keep us comfortable while actually sleeping.  If you have yet to explore a physical relationship and this might be the first time you go there (This may seem obvious but please know that a man who takes you somewhere overnight probably expects a full out sexual encounter unless otherwise agreed  and you are staying in separate rooms) then you must decide what message you wish to send with your sleepwear.

A friend recently asked my advice on this subject and I recalled experiencing this same dilemma a few years ago (Ugh! has it really been that long since I was away for a weekend with a man?). She is going away with a man she has been dating a few months and even though the weekend centers around a particular hobby of his, she feels that it is something of a landmark in their relationship. She wants to wear something nice to sleep in but is finding it difficult to find sophisticated, comfortable, affordable and sexy but not slutty or silly sleepwear.  I also like a little coverage when I am sleeping with something on.  So here are my suggestions:

1. I like something that is classic and simple like this Calvin Klein night shirt I found on Zappo’s for $43.00:

It is classic and flattering. The shirt tail comes down low enough for good coverage and the V-neckline is tastefully sexy . It is perfect if the AC is too low or the weather is a bit chilly.

2. If you tend to be warm when you sleep, I like this simple yet slightly playful Natori Lhasa Gown in Grey (also on Zappo’s):

It looks comfortable and sophisticated without being fussy or overly dramatic. May be a bit pricey though at $130.00. The y also offer a less expensive version without the lace that I really like as well.

3.  This option from Nordstrom.com is an upscale play on shirt and shorts pj’s in tangerine:


(Sorry the picture  is so small).  It is on sale for $51.00.


Do you have any other resources you would like to suggest?




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