Occupation: Secrets to spotting a substance abuser: Part 1



Roger and Don tie one on at the office.

Roger and Don tie one on at the office.

You are what you do.

When you are consciously avoiding substance abusers the first item to check off your list is occupation.  There are certain occupations that attract these people based on accessibility of substance and time to use it.  I am not saying that all people who have the jobs I will mention are substance abusers, I am merely pointing out that these jobs make it easier for someone to abuse a substance if they wish. Keep your eyes open, that’s all I am saying.

Any job that centers around intoxicating substances like:

bartender, waiter/waitress, restauranteur, chef, wine/beer distributor, wine shop owner/sales staff, package store owner/worker, caterer, drug dealer, pharmacist, you get it

High powered jobs where people meet over meals or drinking functions often like:

Lobbyist (I hear that certain AA meetings in DC are like Who’s Who gatherings), Lawyers, Entertainment Agents

High pressure jobs that have access to medications like:

Surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, er techs

Service jobs where people control a lot of their time like:

independent contractors, carpenters, house painters, artists of any genre including stage hands and roadies, real estate agents, commercial fisherman, professional athletes, farmers

People who are independently wealthy or otherwise unemployed.

What is really important to remember is that anyone can be a substance abuser as I said in the introduction to this series.  Having any of those occupations is not proof of a problem but something to consider when you examine other factors I will cover in future posts.

To see stats on people in recovery click here.

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