A Search Request: You just can’t make this shit up




My friend Jen on the Edge sent me a link to this article this morning and I simply HAD to share it.  There is so much wrong with this method for searching for a mate (and apparently this man) that it is at least 10 life lessons waiting to happen.

The link I am sharing is to MarcEnsign who writes social media blogs.  According to his preamble he actually received the email in question out to a bunch of people met at a networking event.  click here to read Marc’s post. Read below for a piece of the email in question.

The email is question includes some interesting details about the surgeon who sent it, a list of what he is looking for in a mate and a manifest of rewards he is offering to anyone who can find a woman who meets his criteria and gets this guy a date with her.

I anticipate some good comments.

This is the section about compensation for anyone who finds a match for him:

please send me the parameters and picture of the potential setup, so i can say if i’m interested, before you start introducing us (otherwise it’s kind of awkward then saying that i’m not interested). if interested, i’m offering the following “thank-you gifts” for your kind help:

  • first date set up: $100 cash
  • second date (with either same person, indicating a better match, or a 2nd person): +$200 or free latisse worth $300
  • third date (again can be w same person): + $300 or free botox worth $500
  • 4th date (w same or diff person): + $400 or free Juvederm injections worth $900
  • 5th date (same conditions): + 500 cash or 1 eye free LASEK worth $2000:)

Recently I heard of a family being awarded the use of a beach house for the week as a “thank you” for the owner being set up with a friend of the wife.  Is this a common practice?  Should I step out of the search and start setting people up?  Is it that lucrative a business?

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    • I agree, Jen. I also find it disturbing that the “must haves” have almost nothing to do with character but focus on exterior things like looks. He doesn’t get down to personality and character until the “it would be nice but not critical” phase.

      I met a young man once on a graduate school excursion to Asia who confided in me that he planned to propose to his girlfriend when he got back to the States. When I politely asked him to tell me more about this lucky woman, he glowingly showed me a picture of a buxom, badly bleached blond and said,”She is not very smart. Actually she is pretty dumb. She is only good for making babies and raising them.” I posed this question,”Why would you want someone who you consider to be dumb raising your children?” After a moment’s pause he replied,”I hadn’t really thought about that.”

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