Alright, Janice! Nobody’s Perfect


I spent some time with a man recently who had the gift of making me laugh more than I had laughed with someone in years.  He is a great guy; good natured, well mannered, generous and sweet with just enough quirk to pique my interest.  But alas, he dislikes almost everything about which I am passionate.  I thought that maybe a relationship might be workable if we could find some mutual ground because I genuinely enjoy spending time with him but things just weren’t adding up in a way that was mutually satisfying.

Although I believe that laughter can get you a long way in life, there are other things that should be considered.  We must be able to at least respect our potential partner’s passions and ideally be enthusiastic about one or two of them in order to live together harmoniously.  That goes for foibles as well.  We have to be able to accept our potential mate’s foibles in the long run and know ourselves well enough to know when something is a deal breaker.

For example: A female friend, with whom I enjoyed a lemonade a few afternoon’s ago at a local coffee shop, described a dating situation she had to end because the man she had been dating for a couple of months was a homebody and she loves to travel.  Once he was very explicit about his dislike of new experiences and the effort of travel she knew she had to end the relationship.  It was difficult because this guy possessed several other great qualities but the travel issue was a deal breaker for her. (It is for me as well, so I can relate.)

So having said all that, I wish to share one of the funniest and perfectly executed commercials I have ever seen.  It is commonly known as the Blind Date Fart Commercial and is a great illustration of how something about an otherwise wonderful person can cause us to take pause and reconsider. (There are many other messages as well so have fun with it.)  Click here to see it.

Blind Date Fart Commercial

Blind Date Fart Commercial

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