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What’s with the SUV’s?


So having said I was uninterested in dating, I met a man for coffee this morning.  There is a story behind this, of course.  This man is connected socially to my landlords and I said I would meet him before I put the moratorium on dating.  They asked about him and I caved.


We had a pleasant coffee and conversation, no fireworks but just fine.  He likes to dance and it would be fun to see how this rather conservative person manifests dancing.  At any rate, we get out to the parking lot after chatting and he hops into his huge SUV.  This is the second rather conservative man I have met here who drives a in-excusably large SUV.  Both men are divorced with grown children who no longer have an apparent reason for driving these gigantic gas guzzling automobiles!

It just makes me want to vomit.

Perhaps I am being judgmental here but, really, this act of driving some giant car without a real purpose  just seems egotistical and un-thinking.  What about the environment?  What about practicality?

Both of these men are wealthy and could probably afford any regular car they would want so why stick with these horrible, giant cars?

I know I said that any two people can have a relationship given the right qualities and a willingness to communicate BUT this seems to be a pretty serious indicator of core values.

I drive a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid.  Do you think it is possible that I could live harmoniously with a man who drives a huge, honking’ SUV?


Surprise Date


Yesterday, I was finishing up edits on a story for VIRGINIA LIVING and thought about meeting B#3.  There are two things coming up that I thought he might enjoy so I decided to send him an email just letting him know about them and that I thought it was too bad that he would miss them.  He emailed right back and told me he just happened to be in town for a few days between his December travels so I invited him to join me for a play tonight and he said “yes”. Yippy!  He also sent me an invitation for a dinner he and a friend are hosting for a local Culinary group  for next weekend.

I haven’t given the usual first date elements any thought but I do have a mini day-of -beauty planned today following the completion of this blog post.  I will be coloring my roots myself for the first time today (probably unwise but I am feeling brave), showering (always a good idea) having a nice walk and taking a nap as we will be out late.  I am taking him to the Birthday celebration of a friend (it is a big party of 50 to 60 people) then to a late showing of a one woman play at 10:00pm.

What to wear?  Temperatures will be dropping into the thirties by the time the show starts so I will need something warm.  I feel that the full length mink is too much for a first date so whatever I choose will have to work with my long black Steve and Searl wool coat. I also want to avoid repeating my outfit from last night and a dress is pretty much out, I think because of the weather and it is not opening night plus I hate wearing tights or panty hose to the theatre – it is just uncomfortable to me.  Well then again, I could wear my grey light wool skirt with a medium length grey cashmere sweater with tights and boots and that would look nice without begin too dressy and feminine without being overtly sexy while justifying the long coat.  Got it!

OK.  Full report tomorrow.