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Divorce Camp




Last week on THE SPARK, a radio program produced rather locally by Martha Woodroof for public radio station WMRA, the goest was Victoria Godfrey.  Godfrey and a couple of other friends started a website last year called DIVORCE CAMP which is all about what to do if you are going through a divorce, have recently gone through a divorce or are even thinking about divorce.  This being a topic I know a little something about having gone down that path twice in my life, I decided to check it out.

There is some free advice and also more advice if you wish to plunk down a $25.00 per month you use it membership fee.  I enjoyed the free advice and learned that for the fee you get access to tips from professionals that would cost you tons more if you sought them out individually (think lawyers fees alone).  I had one of the smoothest divorces ever – the second time around – and attribute this to the lessons I learned the first time I divorced (which was a classic disaster) and the discovery of yoga (staying calm and centered really helped get me through the process fairly gracefully).  Despite my own revelations about easeful as possible divorce, I think this site has a lot to offer so you might want to check it out.

Martha Woodroof interviewed me a few weeks ago about my adventures as a freelance writer.  The interview will be broadcast today at noon on WMRA for anyone who is iterated in some funny stories. (click here for a link)  Martha was particularly intrigued by my insider pole dancing story for STYLE WEEKLY.

Posts may be a bit spotty next week as it is spring break and I will be traveling with my daughter and visiting my son.  While I am away, I would love to have your feedback on any advice  for recovery you would give a post divorcee.

Chat soon,