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Lingerie trends for 2012


I love this photo because these are real women’s bodies looking great in lingerie.

A friend of mine once shared some of her grandmother’s wisdom that each generation has it’s underwear.  If that is true then underwear (as in panties) is getting bigger, meaning more tush coverage. As the whole panty line issue is being addressed with seamless laser cut underwear, thong cuts (sometimes referred to as butt floss) are loosing popularity while boy cuts (resting on the hips and cut so the bottom of the butt cheek is exposed) and not-your-granny’s-granny-panties (as in full tush coverage with waistlines from the hip as far up as the naval) are taking over.

Florals, bright colors and lace are super hot right now 

and those pseudo granny panties are lacy see through numbers – think those black lacy panties Megan is wearing while cleaning the house in MAD MEN’s fourth season opener. This is good news for us women who are newly single and perhaps are painfully aware of the effects of a few decades of gravity working its magic on our bodies, are carrying a smidge of extra weight or have the type of skin around our bellies that reminds us of the joys of past pregnancy.

For more information on current lingerie trends click here for a link to a CBS news report titled Briefly Noted.

If you are interested in updating your lingerie wardrobe, what styles would you like to try or purchase?