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Good Foundations



During my recent lingerie shopping binge (it has been a while since I bought new underthings) I have discovered what many women have know about for years, a little undergarment miracle called Spanx.  Spanx and other brands of support wear work all kinds of magic on less than photoshopped perfect bodies.  They lift things that need lifting, smooth out any undesirable lumps and generally suck stuff in so you don’t have to stand around at parties in your knit dress and hold your stomach in or keep your glutes squeezed in tight.


I purchased a fanny smother thing to wear under trousers and certain clingy skirts and two DKNY body smoothing slips -one in black and the other in a nude shade.


The wonderful sales associate at Nordstrom’s Pentagon City assured me that women of all ages and sizes wear these types of garments including movie stars and top fashion models.  This information made me feel better about spending the money on these items.


Do you use support foundations and if so, do you like how they make you look?