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Apologies for the long absence


Dear Readers,

You may have noticed a lapse in new postings.  Apologies.  All I have to say for myself is it is summer and I have either been trying to work on a book project (unrelated to dating), spend time with my family and having some great traveling and dating adventures (Yes, I said “dating” adventures.  I have gotten my sorry arse off of my desk chair and actually spent some quality time with some charming men …and perhaps one man who is particularly charming….).

Ironically, during my hiatus Dating by Committee has gained several new fans for which I am very grateful.  Thanks to all of you who keep reading and continue to share the posts with friends, family and other responsive groups.

There are two posts I plan on getting up in the next week. One is continuing on the theme of spotting addicts before you get too involved and the other is about money and how it sometimes affects dating situations.  I will also have some interesting travel stories popping up on my arts and culture blog, culturenuts which is also on wordpress.

Looking forward to your comments as always.



Me in Lhasa, Tibet on a summer sojourn.

Me in Lhasa, Tibet on a summer sojourn.